Author: John Rush


Prescription Adherence For Medication

Medications tend to be more effective when you take them as prescribed by your doctor. But some people fail to follow the instructions provided. This may happen when you begin to feel better and assume that the medication is no longer necessary. Some people forget the prescription schedule while others cannot afford to continue taking the medication. Here are explanations on the importance of taking medicine as prescribed by the doctor.

The Importance Of Taking Medicine As Prescribed By The Doctor: Why Should You Follow Instructions?

Poor adherence can make it difficult for the medication to treat your medical jsjjdhdhdhhdhdcondition. Medicines are designed to work on a specific schedule. Failure to follow the prescription may lead to worse complications from the illness. Your symptoms may last longer than expected because the medication cannot control the pain or destroy the virus or bacteria causing your condition.
Failure to follow the prescription can also affect your quality of life especially for those who suffer from chronic conditions that cannot be cured. If you have been diagnosed with a condition like diabetes, you have to take the medication for the rest of your life. This is the only way to manage your condition and continue with your day-to-day activities.

Tips to Ensure Prescription Adherence

kjdscnkjcncjcCommunicate clearly with your doctor once they prescribe medication. This is especially important if it is causing side effects that may make it difficult to adhere to the schedule. Your doctor can switch the medication, lower the dose or guide you on the best time to take it to reduce complications.
Ask your health care provider about the specific period you need to take the medication. Find out if you have to finish the entire bottle.
Inform your doctor if you find it difficult to purchase the medication. They may prescribe a cheaper alternative that will offer the same results. Generic medications tend to be cheaper and often contain the same ingredients as the brand names. The only difference is that they are not produced by the leading drug manufacturers.
Set a routine to ensure you take the medication as required. You can schedule the medication when during or before meals. You also need to ensure you carry adequate doses when you are traveling. This will prevent you from missing a dose.
Keep your medications in an easy to reach place. It will be easier to remember if they are visible. But you should take caution if you have children or pets in the house.
Use these tips on the importance of taking medicine as prescribed by the doctor to treat your condition effectively.


Hygiene Promotion In Your Home

 Our homes are the safest place to be; we oath to ensure we are in a clean and safe environment all the time. The products we use should be safe for cooking, drinking, cleaning, skin, and hair, beauty and health, and anything else used for infants. Hygiene promotion is done to ensure poor hygiene incidences have reduced conditions and practices that pose a great danger to the health of men, women, and children. Several health promotion methods have been established. Hygiene promotion is on numerous principles.
For babies and adults personal hygiene, and for the skin ensure you bathe daily and use products which are hypoallergenic, natural and also clinically tested to ensure safety in the use and the effect of the product. This includes moisturizers, shampoos, hydrating cleansing lotion, aging cream, eye treatments, makeup removers and other skin products.

Risk practice to target a small number

Changing habits is a difficult task to people, in changing the risk practice msjdsuduufdufan assessment should be conducted to understand which risk practice pose a challenge and are widely spread, Hand washing helps mostly in preventing diarrheal diseases. Hand washing should is done after visiting the toilet, before after eating, before and after changing the babies diapers

Motives for behavior change

Identify reasons for changed behavior. Washing hands with soap and running water is mainly health related while using the toilet deals with sanitation. People should be encouraged to use toilets properly so that they can gain respect from their classmates and neighbors or for other reasons.Safer hygiene promotion is done by targeting a particular target group to discover their ideas so that one can know the basis for their motivational strategies.

Positive hygiene promotion messages

sccsvvvvvsvThe best way for adults and children entertained, they listen attentively. Hygiene promotion messages or projects which will try to frighten their spectators will alienate them. The message should be cleanness is next to godliness.

Channels of communication

It is significant to appreciate how the targeted population communicates. So it ‘s nice to learn their proper channel of communication example which percentage of the people listen to the radio and attend religious and social gatherings. It is easier to use traditional channels for communication rather setting new channels of communication. The communication methods should many be cost friendly so that it is easy to reinforce whatever we are trying to put across.
Come up with a plan, implement, monitor and assess hygiene promotion carefully. Collect information regularly on the population coverage and output achieved. Have the occasionally assess indicators of the impact of hygiene promotion on the targeted populations and the behavior.