If a person isn’t able to reproduce or have children by natural means, this state is called infertility or being infertile. This isn’t only restricted to humans; any animal or a plant which cannot give birth or further raise a family is called infertile. In humans, this term is mostly referred to a woman who fails to conceive or give birth. Infertility is caused by many of the biological reasons which can be treated medically as required.

Some of the infertile women have been gone through necessary treatments, and as a result, they ended up raising a healthy family. Precisely, this isn’t something that cannot be treated or fixed.

A research conducted in the USA gave the following results regarding the subject of infertility.

  • 20% of all the cases of infertility aroused due to the problem in man.
  • 40% – 50% of all the cases of infertility aroused due to the problem in a woman.
  • 30% – 40% of all the cases of infertility aroused due to the problem in both, men and women.

Risk factors leading to infertility

Infertility can be caused due to several factors. The factors can be present in a human body at the time of birth or call be developed at a later stage depending on how a person chooses to live his life. For both men and women, following factors can be listed down as the top-on-chart issues which can lead both of them to be infertile.

  • Age

The word is that fertility in men starts to drop after the age of 40; similarly a woman is much less fertile after she crosses the age of 32. Progressively, with the increase in ages, infertility increases both in men and women.


  • Smoking

If a man or a woman is a regular smoker; it might be one of the factors that can lead both of them to be infertile. The effect of smoking is so strong that it often chips away the medical treatment if a person is taking any and as a result, the treatment doesn’t turn out to be that effective.

Smoking can be injurious to such an extent for pregnant women that it might even lead to a miscarriage.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is never friendly, neither for a healthy life nor when it comes down to a sexual life. The disease of infertility can be caused and might lead to being severe for all alcohol consumers. This will worsen men fertility.

  • Obesity

We certainly don’t give much attention to our diet, food, and exercise due to which we get fat. Apart from all the cardio diseases and infections, obesity can also cause infertility. Abnormal sperms are found in an overweight man due to whom he is called infertile.

  • Disarrays in eating

Being underweight is as dangerous for a woman as being overweight. Having an eating disorder doesn’t make you put enough weight, the one which is essential for a healthy living and you end up being underweight and this all scenario leads to being infertile.

  • Vegan life

gdgdd64Being a vegan doesn’t look bad but it is destructive once out body gets short of essential elements that are required. For all the vegans, it is advised that they make sure their body gets enough of vitamins, zinc, and iron, or else,  they might turn infertile.

Infertility isn’t something that cannot be cured; it just requires special attention and the right treatment for a person to completely overcome it. Different tests have been introduced by the doctors; both for men and women, and they should be undertaken with proper medical prescription as the people who have undergone them is now parents.